July 15, 2012 - Student Work

Game developed with:
– Rudy Ramillien and Pierre Mercy (programmers)
– Aurélien Scapa (game designer)
– Zacharia Aguedach (user expert)
– Mathieu Tabory (visual artist)

In brief:

– homemade 360 degree cylindrical screen
– space battle

Audio features:

– 4.1 sound system
– adaptive and partially generative music
– 9 levels side-chain hierarchy in order to the player to ear the most important sounds in any game situations


– Unity
– Wwise

Arche music system:


– 5 levels of tension
– levels 2, 3 and 4 are generatives
– levels 1 and 5 are cutted in measures played randomly (+ random lowpass filter)
– a trigger is played when a new enemy squadron arrive (the side-chain hierarchy helps a lot to put it forward)

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