Bird Ladies

September 7, 2020 - Personal Projects

Bird Ladies is a narrative game I worked on between 2018 and 2020 where all the sounds are real-time synthesis. The project is on hold for now until I find someone to write the dialogue content with.

Thanks to Katy for editing all the text content so far.

Check out Baroque Melody Generator 3000, the standalone version of the music system:

This is a showcase of the dialogue system.
Here is a full dialogue explaining the dialogue system and how it drives the bird tweet synthesis in real-time.
The bird tweets are done with Wwise SoundSeed Woosh and they drive the beak opening animation.
Old video capture of how bird chirps made with Wwise SoundSeed Woosh could drive the beak opening animation. It was a rough work in progress, but I still find it funny.
In the current state of the project, it’s actually the dialogue text which is driving the sound of the bird chirps. The sound then drives the amplitude of the beak opening animation, like it used to in this video.
At the beginning of the project, I tried to use my oscine bird chirp synthesiser for the dialogue system, but it didn’t sound right at all with such short sounds.
That sound synthesiser works way better with longer bird sounds. For the dialogue system, I needed much simpler bird chirps.
In this version, instead of the complex oscine bird chirp synthesiser, I simply used Wwise SounSeed Woosh and it works much better.

2 thoughts on “Bird Ladies


Great work, the grumpy bird is funny and adds an extra depth of character. Maybe the next episode could have a few different bird voices for different characters!

    Martin Bussy-Pâris

    Thanks, Matt :)
    This project is on hold. Maybe I will get back to it if I find someone to write the dialogue with.


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