Calinou Conqueror

November 26, 2011 - Student Work
Calinou Conqueror

Game developed with:
– Producer: Morgane Berthou
– Programmers: David Duriot, Rudy Pons
– Game designer: Aurélien Lefrançois
– Visual artists: Simon Stefanelli, Emeline Bihan-Poudec
– User expert: Lucas Houerou

Download the game (Windows)


In brief:

Pluzzle-game developed for the “Game à Niaque” contest (Epitech/TGS) in 2011 with other students from ENJMIN.

The goal of the game is to fill grids with rabbits so they can conquer the world. Place a female rabbit on a male rabbit (or the other way around) to spawn a lair, which would spawn rabbits all around it the next turn. There is several obstacles on this grid that you must compose with. Thankfully, several items can help you achieve this.


– 2nd place
– 1 favorite among the jury



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