GMA (Grosse Marrave Aquatique)

September 11, 2011 - Personal Projects

Grosse Marrave Aquatique, a.k.a. GMA, is a minimalist 2-player audio-only submarine versus fighting game. I made it with Florent Dumas and Julien Renoux when studying interactive audio back in 2011.

The two submarines face each other. One on the left side of the screen, the other on the right side. You can only:

Both players sit in front of the same computer.

GMA stands for “Grosse Marrave Aquatique”, where “grosse marrave” is French slang for “big fight”. “Marrave” actually originates from the Romani macrolanguage. All in all, it’s just a silly way to say “big fight at sea”.

Creation process

The idea when starting to work on the game was to follow these requirements:

  1. the game had to be played with no visuals
  2. it had to be for two players on the same computer.


You can download the game and read more details about on its page:

Video walkthrough

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