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August 1, 2022 - Professional Projects

After Nine to Five, we worked on several prototypes in Unreal Engine 5. I had to do a bit of everything in terms of audio: content creation, interactive design, implementation, tools, etc.

Throughout this work, I extensively compared Wwise and Unreal Engine 5 (with MetaSounds) and made presentations to the audio team about the topic.

It’s also at that time that I made a few debug tools to make our work easier in Unreal Engine 5. Here are a couple of examples.

“Le Sidechain Tester”

When using sidechaining and tweaking parameters, we had to play the game to listen to the result every time we changed something. That was not ideal, so I made an editor utility widget to quickly hear the effect of sidechaining.

“Le Debugger”

It’s hard to remember all the audio console commands by heart in Unreal Engine, so I made an editor utility widget to make all of this more user-friendly.

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